Are you in need of assistance or companionship? We provide free one-to-one, direct client services to anyone of any age who is a resident of the Municipality of Oak Bay.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community. We are always looking for talented, dedicated individuals to join our volunteer team.


Like all nonprofits, we rely on the generous financial support of our donors to be able to provide high quality client services to the residents of Oak Bay. 


Telus Fibre for Good $25 Grants

We have partnered with the Telus Fibre for Good program whereby new Telus Internet, Optik TV and Mobility subscribers in Oak Bay can choose OBVS as the recipient of a $25 contribution.

OBVS in Vital People section of Times Colonist

Many thanks to our dedicated, passionate volunteers for their on-going service to the Oak Bay community. We are pleased to be acknowledged for this important work in this week’s Time Colonist’s Vital People section as a result of our partnership…

Call for New Volunteers!

Oak Bay Volunteer Services invites you to join our team of dedicated volunteers to provide one-to-one direct services, or in-office support, to the residents of Oak Bay.


Oak Bay Volunteer Services (OBVS) provides direct volunteer services to Oak Bay residents on a one-to-one basis. Clients can be of any age, and are individuals in need of volunteer help because of health, financial or other needs.

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